Episcopal visit to Centenary UC!

It’s not every day—indeed, not every decade—that a bishop of the Church of England preaches in a suburban Uniting Church congregation. But such was the case at Centenary UC yesterday!  

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali is here to deliver the 2008 Rollie Busch lecture, entitled “Conviction and Conflict: Islam, Christianity and World Order”, and to dialogue with Mohamad Abdalla, of the Kuraby Mosque tomorrow at Griffith University.He is Bishop of Rochester, in Kent, and showed himself to be a gentleman and a gentle man when he visited us.

He preached an Easter message of real hope, and encouraged us as an Easter people in living and witnessing in continuity with the life and message of the first apostles. His sermon was not without humour—he wondered what it meant to come to a Uniting Church as a bishop of the C of E, and likened it to a recent invitation to the Tower of London. Two of his predecessors went to the Tower in times past, and did not emerge alive!

However, Bishop Michael did emerge alive from among us (none the worse for wear, thankfully!), and we are looking forward to his lecture tonight.


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