Pray for Zimbabwe 2

I received a text message from a member of the congregation who comes from Zimbabwe. People there are stopping to pray at 1.00 pm their time (9.00 pm Australian EST). (I won’t be praying for death to others myself—but I include the request ‘as is’.) 

We are all praying na (at) 1 pm today. Zim stands still to kneel b4 God and ask Him to intervene as he did for Israel against Pharaoh. We will stop & all kneel where ever we will be, (streets, banks, shops, even cars will stop to kneel b4 God). We pray death and confusion in the enemy’s camp (those gng against Gods will) His will must prevail, pass on to all Zims in & around or overseas, God loves us, we dnt want war or selfish gain in Jesus’ name, amen. 

Pray with these brothers and sisters. 

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