Food riots ‘an apocalyptic warning’

From ABC online. I’ve left the comments from Rev Tim Costello in:


Food riots ‘an apocalyptic warning’

By Karen Barlow


Basic access to food is slipping out of reach for many people in developing countries.

The cost of the rice has risen by more than three-quarters in two months and the price of wheat has more than doubled in the same time.

The desperation in dozens of countries has turned deadly of late. In the past week alone there have been violent, food-related riots in Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cameroon.

World Vision Australia head Tim Costello says the situation is desperate and chronic.

“It is an apocalyptic warning,” he said. “Until recently we had plenty of food. The question was distribution.

“The truth is because of rising oil prices, global warming and the loss of arable land, all countries that can produce food now desperately need to produce more.”

Help from developed countries is the best remedy that The Group of Seven industrialised countries, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) can think of…


Aid and charity groups says Australia can do more.

Mr Costello says there is a great responsibility being a major food producer.

“So our both growing more food and contributing that to the world’s poor is now urgent and is a morally serious claim on us,” he said.


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