iPod touch? iPhone?

Something from the shallow end, having preached recently on simplicity… Oh, the contradictions! (But what’s a Mac fan to do?)

It was my birthday last July, as it seems to be each year. I told my longsuffering wife I didn’t want anything, but I was wrong.

I wanted an iPhone. And it was being released in Oz around the time of my birthday. Perfect.

So I got hold of a magazine on the iPhone, and read. One article weighed up the pros and cons, and asked whether you really want an iPhone, or an iPod Touch.

I decided I wanted an iPod Touch, and that’s what I got. I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons ever since.

First thing: I’m not disappointed one little bit with my iPod Touch. Second thing: next time, I’ll get an iPhone.

What do I use my iPod Touch for? Hardly at all for listening to music (those earbud mikes won’t stay in my right ear) or watching videos (same reason).

I use some third party apps though. A lot. 

My favourite is OmniFocus. with it, I can keep track of the 101 things I haven’t done yet, and sometimes actually get the number into two figures. It’s terrific, and it just syncs with OmniFocus on my MacBook Pro. A little exxy, but worth it. 

I also use the Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts on the iPod. And they just sync too.

I have the free NetNewsWire RSS feeder for blogs and news. And guess what? It just syncs.

I’ve also bought apps that allow me to read articles on the iPod, say when I’m having coffee at the fabulous Samarco (hi Venora, Trish, Norman!), where I do a lot of my best thinking. They include AirSharing (just great!) and Annotater, which allows me to underline good bits in pdf articles.

And I have a Bible—BibleXpress, which has the NRSV among other translations. I baulked at buying it for a while because of the price. But now I’m happy I did: I can bookmark the RCL passages and write notes, again often over coffee. I’m hoping that in a future release the app will give the capacity to email the notes. (I like emailing to myself, it saves copying my notes. And I get emails!)

Of course, there are games too! My favourites? Cro-Mag Rally, reMovem and Sudoku Unlimited.

And I have 16Gb storage!

So what’s the downside? Why buy an iPhone next time?

I can only use the iPod Touch where I can connect to wireless. That’s a little limited hereabouts. (However, I don’t know what the phone bills would be like—I’ll have to check!)

When I misplace it (yes, I do), I have to find it. I could ring an iPhone to see where I left it.

GPS—while I don’t need it for Brisbane, I could see myself having a need on longer trips.

So, I think I’ll get an iPhone next. One day, when they might be cheaper to run. When my current shabby Nokia dies.

Till then, I love my iPod Touch! And I worry about my consumerist ways, and protest that this is a really useful thing


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