Don’t ever go to church in Midsomer…

…or if you do, go Methodist, not C of E!

The vicars there are unhinged! Bonkers! Barmy nutters! One was the serial killer (there are more per square metre there than anywhere else in the known universe!). Others are immoral, overly preoccupied with evil spirits, misogynists or just plain bad.

I blame the bishop for putting them there. Who is it? Is it Bishop Alan Wilson? What’s he got against Midsomer?


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3 responses to “Don’t ever go to church in Midsomer…

  1. atwilson

    Aaargh! Paul! You got me bang to rights!

    Midsomer is largly filmed in Buckinghamshire and the film crew use a fabulous Italian family restaurant in a pub a couple of miles from here called the Cock and Rabbit. Barmy Vicars = more of Gianfranco’s fabulous linguini for me…

  2. Hmmm…. barmy vicars…fabulous linguini… Good deal, Alan! I’d do the same!

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