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In whose image?



Sermon for 19 October ’08

Matthew 22.15-22


Image is everything! 

Ever heard that? Remember last week, we talked about hyperreality? We have to think image is everything if we’re going to fall for the message that we have to envy and emulate air-brushed models and sports stars on cocaine.

Image is everything! Some years ago, there was a whole series of ads for Canon cameras featuring the former tennis great Andre Agassi with that as the theme. You can see them on YouTube, a virtual graveyard for such things.

On the internet, I found an ‘Image is Everything’ workshop. This is the advertising blurb:

This powerful workshop will teach participants how to master the art of image! Sessions include: Personal Presentation, Building Rapport, Image Quadrants, Non-Verbal Power and more! This workshop is designed to help individuals discover the power of image and their ability to control it! [italics mine]

Image is important these days so that we can have power and control. So: what’s your image? 

If you want to improve your image, you could also go to the web page of a company called Your Image Solutions (perhaps you didn’t know you had a problem?)—Putting Your Image In Focus! Look great, sound assured & create a positive first impression!

Or you could go to another website called 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Look—Do you dress like a boss-to-be or a permanent underling?

Or you could find a plastic surgeon.

Or you could look at this:

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