iPod Touch? iPhone? (2)

On 1 October I talked about the decision to get an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone, and said:

First thing: I’m not disappointed one little bit with my iPod Touch. Second thing: next time, I’ll get an iPhone.

(Sorry about quoting myself…)

Well, I now—much earlier than expected—have an iPhone. Why? Several reasons:

It was precipitated by my lovely daughter’s imminent visit from Spain; she had her iPod stolen in Prague (oh, how I wish I could name drop places as well as she can!) and was lamenting the loss of music in her life. I suddenly realised that if I give her my iPod Touch, I could get…

And it was also made possible by getting the iPhone on a $49 + $8 pm plan, not much more than the old Nokia. And youngest son’s mobile had stopped working, so I could move the Nokia on!

Am I glad I got an iPhone? In a word, Yes.

At the recent synod I could keep up with emails even though I wasn’t on wi-fi. Excellent!
I was able to navigate on the Sunshine Coast using the maps. Great!
I can hear the music through the car speakers while driving. Very good!

Now, I wait for the bill…


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