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Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was studying medicine, I loved going into the old sandstone library in the university of Queensland to read the periodicals. One I always went for was a journal from the USA, the Christian Century. It opened a great new world of a faith unafraid to engage with the big issues, something which at that time was sorely lacking in my church experience.

I continued reading it years later in the Bronze Age, when I was a theological student, and took out my own subscription when we moved to my first placement in Biloela. However, with a growing family and money needed for it, I made the reluctant decision to cease subscribing.

Recently, I decided to resubscribe. I’m glad I did—it’s an informative and enriching read.

These days, it has an arm devoted to blogging, and I am delighted to become a ‘CCblogger’. Mind you, I’m not unique! If you want to know more click the CCblogs logo on the right.


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