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Evangelism as Spam

Here is a fascinating article by an atheist advising us Christians how to bear witness to Jesus Christ.

I was struck by his point that we often come across as spammers. Funny that—it seems to be the main problem many Christians I know have with programs for evangelism.

Perhaps if we majored on consistency of life (deed and word); on truth telling and listening; if we majored on being hospitable and respectful; in fact just being more Christlike (in his word—being ‘prototypes’ of Christ), we’d be witnessing far more directly to the one we love.

Just a thought!

(Thanks to Bishop Alan.)


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Liturgical thought of the day (7)

From Aidan Kavanagh, Elements of Rite. For me, a wonderful quotation in the midst of so much of a self-conscious, even a ‘game-show-host’, model of liturgical leadership:


Ministers must not pose or seem pompous; neither should they be careless or seem to be self-conscious, flippant or condescending. They must be and seem to be completely attuned to the nature of the event and the assembly celebrating it. A sense of natural physical grace in deportment, a sense of simple dignity, a certain self-discipline with regard to personal idiosyncracies translate into a general impression by the assembly of its being respected and competently served by its liturgical ministers. The minister at the liturgy, like a Zen-master, should be as ‘uninteresting’ as a glass of cold, clear, nourishing water.

“As ‘uninteresting’ as a glass of cold, clear, nourishing water.” I love that! But know this: Kavanagh was a Roman Catholic. By ‘minister’, he means all leaders of any aspect of worship, whether they are lay or ordained. This wholesome word applies to everyone who is given responsibility in leading God’s people in worship.

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