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Back from Sydney…

…and not long after I was home, the worst storm in 20 years hit Brisbane. Some of the congregation sustained damage to trees, but I haven’t heard of any more than that.

At the Assembly Standing Committee, I presented two things:

A document they had requested called A Brief Statement on Ordination, which succinctly states the Assembly’s position as the council responsible for doctrine in the Uniting Church; and new services of Ordination and Induction for ministers of the Word and deacons.

All were accepted following lively and constructive discussion. I’ll post a copy of A Brief Statement soon; the new services are effective from 1 January 2009.

On the ordination theme, I’m now on two weeks’ study leave on my PhD thesis on ordination liturgies. What fun!!

(While I was in Sydney I again enjoyed the hospitality of Anita Monro and Russell Morris, who are off in 2009 to take up placements in the wild (north)west of NSW in Armidale. I was ordained with Anita almost 20 years ago on 10 December. Thanks so much both of you!)


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