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I cheated, just for you

Yesterday I downloaded Advent08, an iPhone/iPod Touch app which provides daily devotions for Advent.

Not supposed to open it till Advent starts, which as you all know is 30 November this year.

But I thought I should look at the first day in advance, so I could decide whether it’s worth telling both my readers about.

Well, I think it’ll be worth it. It has enough substance to sustain, which is what I was looking for. Also a nice background. Could have done with a bit more proof reading, but hey, I know that can be a problem, so that’s no criticism.

And for $1.99, it works out at less than 7.7 cents per day!

Of course, if you still have to get your iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s a tad more expensive…

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Church signs can be good. Or not.

I was out in the car yesterday and saw a sign outside a church. It failed on any and every level I can think of:




My God will be your judge? Give me a break! I’d never ever visit a church that put that out as its message. Would you?

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