Ok. The really important one first: today is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As we look around the world, we see there is still so much to be done. Even in Australia! According to the Getup! campaign , Australia is the only democracy in the world without human rights protection. We don’t have the right to express our opinions, or the right to an adequate living standard, to be free from physical and psychological torture or discrimination. I think I’m safe—I’m white, middle class, educated, straight… But there are others who may not be so safe. The good news is that the Government has decided to ask us whether we think human rights are worth protecting.

So if you’d like to join me in asking the government to put Human Rights legislation in place, go here. Thanks!

That’s the really important anniversary today. The less important one is that today marks the 20th anniversary of my ordination as a minister of the Word. I’m grateful to God for that. And to my family. And that I’m still enthusiastic about ministry. And that I’ll be getting together with Brisbane-based friends on Friday night and celebrating!


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