Christmas Messages from Australian Church Leaders

On this page, you can read Christmas messages from the leaders of the churches that are members of the National Council of Churches in Australia. Here is the Uniting Church message, from our President, Rev Gregor Henderson:

How different Christmas feels this year!  Twelve months ago the economy was steaming along, it felt like the new government was doing all the right things, our prosperity and security seemed assured.

But since the middle of this year it’s all changed.  Now we feel vulnerable.  Unemployment is on the rise, a recession may hit, the Aussie dollar has plummeted, living standards may drop.  Terrorism is in the news again, the war in Afghanistan goes badly, ice caps are melting, and Africans are still dying from disease and poverty.

Wars, disasters, poverty and vulnerability were part of Jesus’ world too.  The Roman Empire had a firm grip on Jesus’ world – they taxed heavily, they ruled with brutality, and they dealt ruthlessly with every insurgency.

Jesus came into this world, teaching God’s love and modelling a life of self-giving service and peace.

True security lies in knowing you’re loved, no matter what.  That’s what the birth of Jesus means for us.  No matter who we are or what our circumstances, God’s love and God’s guidance are there for us.

Receive God’s love afresh this Christmas, and thus find true security in life. 
Revd Gregor Henderson, President
Uniting Church in Australia


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