Getting there this Christmas?

I find every year that I am fine at getting ready ‘professionally’ for Christmas—services prepared etc—but not personally. I have written a few Christmas cards for relatives in the UK, which I sent last month. But not even a Christmas letter to bore my friends with this year. When I think of writing one, I get this unaccountable feeling of fatigue…

On hols from Boxing Day. Won’t blog much (at all?) for two weeks, but if I can get a letter done I’ll put it out. Or up.

It’s not that we had a bad year, you understand. My highlight was going to Avril Hannah-Jones’ ordination on 5 October. Oh, and—of course!—celebrating 25 years of fulfilling marriage with Karen on 17 December. And Chris bungee-jumping for his 21st. And Erin coming home from Barcelona for 7 weeks over Christmas. And Ben finishing school, and being confirmed the other week. And Sam being himself—he does it so well! And Karen getting to the end of a gruelling year in one piece. And of course, Karen went to Bali with Global Walking. And Ben went to a small village in Fiji to live the simple life for Schoolies. And it was fun having Kerry Pierce as a student for half the year. (Would have been more fun for all of it though.) And I celebrated 20 years of ordained life. All in all, a great year.

I suppose that’s almost a Christmas letter…

A happy and a holy Christmas to all!



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2 responses to “Getting there this Christmas?

  1. avrilhj

    Hey, my highlight of the year was my ordination too. Which makes a little more sense in my case – was that really your highlight? That humbles me – as in fact the service itself did. There’s just no way I deserved all the warmth that service contained.

    Equal highlight with my ordination was marrying two of my ex-students – to each other. It’s going to take a pretty amazing wedding to topple that from its first place on my list of “exciting weddings I have and will conduct”.

  2. Yes, it was my highlight all right. I had thought steering the new ordination services through Assembly Standing Committee was the highlight (liturgical nerd that I am), but no. As I was writing, I discovered the true highlight. It was something looked forward to for so long! And about being humbled—the hospitality humbled me.

    I plan next year’s highlight to be the completion of my PhD.

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