To change the world, get the right system

President Obama’s people in the White House are ‘miffed’ at the clunky old PCs they have inherited from the previous regime, with six-year old versions of Microsoft and few laptops. Obama’s team are used to working with Macs. Some people are hoping they’ll refurbish the White House’s technology the same way! See here and here.

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One response to “To change the world, get the right system

  1. avrilhj

    “No Facebook to communicate with supporters. No outside e-mail log-ins. No instant messaging.”

    Isn’t this what a lot of bosses want, because they’re afraid their workers might waste time online? Which is generational discrimination, because as I look around Melbourne no one seems to have a problem with their workers taking smoking breaks.

    I am completely addicted to my email and WordPress blog and especially my ‘secret’ LJ blog, which is where I go almost every Friday to moan about my apparent sudden inability to write a decent sermon. Then I get support and reassurance from all round the world and somehow the sermon gets done.

    (And this week I’m late – it’s Saturday and I’m again in the “I can’t write a sermon to save my life” mode.)

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