What’s the opposite of kooky crap?

The President of the Uniting Church, Rev Gregor Henderson, has spoken about claims that the Victorian fires are the judgement of God. In part, he says,

To suggest that the loss of life from these bushfires is the reaction of God towards the Victorian people for decisions made by Government is not only ludicrous, it misapprehends the nature of God, the giver of life.

God is not punishing the people of Victoria, so many of whom lost their lives, and so many more who are working day and night to fight fires, support the victims, and provide food, clothing and shelter.

God is, in fact, there with the people, in the middle of their suffering; God is made known through the love that is extended to those most in need.

God is with us—Emmanuel. The God who is most truly known through the cross does not send bushfires.

Read the rest here.


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