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Does this pastor even know what the gospel is?

Ken Pagano, the pastor of New Bethel Church (an Assembly of God congregation in Kentucky) is having a bring-your-gun-to-church day. As he puts it,

God and guns were part of the foundation of this country.

Sheriff’s deputies will check that unconcealed firearms aren’t loaded. But no one will be searched for concealed weapons. Mr Pagano’s comment? ‘That’s the whole point of concealed.’ Duh.

He also says,

When someone from within the church tells me that being a Christian and having firearms are contradictions, that they’re incompatible with the Gospel — baloney. As soon as you start saying that it’s not something that Christians do, well, guns are just the foil. The issue now is the Gospel. So in a sense, it does become a crusade. Now the Gospel is at stake.

I’m sorry. This bloke is on the kind of crusade we can do without. The gospel is about the love of God reaching out to sinners, and including the broken. The crazy thing is so many people fall for it.

Read the whole sorry thing here.

By the way—you won’t see any pictures. They’re not allowing cameras in church!

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