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Lord, teach us to walk your way

Sermon for 28 June 2009

As we listen for the Word of God,
let us pray:
Jesus, hope of the hopeless,
give us abundant confidence in you
that we may find comfort at all times,
relief from our burdens,
and healing where it is your will;
until that day when we see you face to face,
and know you as you are for ever and ever. Amen.

Mark 5.21-43

Last week,
we were with Jesus and the disciples
on a boat on the Sea of Galilee.
There was a storm that threatened
to swamp the boat.
Our clothes were sodden;
our eyes were stinging
from the rain being propelled horizontally
by the wind;
our hands had rope burns
from trying to furl the sail.

Remember the mission Jesus was on?
He was crossing
from the Jewish side of Galilee,
his home,
to the Gentile side,
a place where they kept pigs—
which were unclean to Jews.
They were about to meet a terrifying man—
the Gerasene Demoniac—
who cut himself and lived in the cemetery.

So Jesus is on mission
in both Jewish and Gentile places.
Today, he’s back on Jewish turf.

And there’s another surprise for the disciples.
Two people. Two healings.
One a woman,
one a young girl.
The woman had been sick for twelve years;
the girl was twelve years old.

The woman’s illness—
a ‘woman’s problem’—
has made her unclean,
and she is isolated from the community:
on the edges,
and unable to worship God with the others.

The other is a young girl,
who dad was a leader of the synagogue—
a church elder.
She was sick,
but she wasn’t on the edges,
no one would isolate her.
Her place in society was in no doubt.

One was from an important family,
the other a nobody.
But both were in need.

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