Clog Dancing

I saw an article about clog dancing in The Yorkshire Dalesman today. I remember dad talking about it as something that happened in his childhood, and I wondered what it was like.

I realised that YouTube would likely be a place I could see what it’s like. I wasn’t wrong!

While my late dad would enjoy this clip immensely, I can see why clog dancing didn’t survive into the swinging 60s, when we left England…

If you can last to the end of the clip, a thousand days off purgatory!



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4 responses to “Clog Dancing

  1. Because of my slow Internet connection I can only claim 500 days off.

    Impressive – could be the next step in AM’s career!!!

  2. Slow internet speed? For the extra effort required, and for being the only person in Madras to be looking at clog dancing at that moment, take the full 1000 days!

  3. I am pleased to be able to inform you that clog dancing is very much alive and well still here in the north of England.

    It has been taken up by the young people involved in the folk tradition and has been transformed into something a few million times sexier than the clip you chose above. Think punk Riverdance.

  4. Good news, MP! (Not that a few million times sexier than the clip I put up would be hard…)

    Any clips anywhere?

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