I like Macs

I was at a two-day meeting of the Working Group on Worship last week, sinusitis just starting to wane, when my MacBook Pro died. Logic board failure. I was out of warranty and hadn’t got AppleCare. The cost of fixing it was prohibitive.

And, I was on the penultimate draft of my PhD thesis which disappeared into the black hole that is now my old computer. Was I worried? Not at all.

I’d been backing up in Time Machine, and there is an Apple Store at Robina, 90 km away. So I made an appointment with the genius bar and trudged down. (Almost falling asleep at the wheel at one point, because I wasn’t 100%…)

Of course, that’s where I got the news it was only repairable at a prohibitive price, so I… had to… get a new MacBook Pro. (That was the worst-case scenario!)

At home, I switched it on, hooked up my external hard drive, and within 30 minutes I had everything on the new machine. Including the thesis, as though nothing had happened. I will soon be submitting it.

Now, I have AppleCare for peace of mind. And once I’ve submitted, I’ll upgrade to Snow Leopard. Not till then though!

One more thing: I found a lovely word processor the other day called Pagehand. It’s clean, uses an editable form of pdf as its file format, and looks like it’s been designed by someone who knows what writing is about.

The author of the software actually writes back when you suggest improvements. It’s at the 1.0 stage, and a bit buggy, but nothing that stops me with everyday stuff. It’s a pleasure to use, and worth the price (20% off at the moment). And I don’t have shares!


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