This is not the way…

Whatever your views on abortion, I hope you’d agree that prosecuting this poor couple is not the way to go…

Couple to face abortion trial

A CAIRNS couple who allegedly used illegally imported pills to terminate a pregnancy will face trial in the District Court.

Magistrate Sandra Pearson found there was sufficient evidence for a jury to conclude that Tegan Simone Leach, 19, and partner Sergie Brennan, 21, had illegally taken action to terminate a pregnancy.

Leach is charged with procuring her own abortion, an offence which carries a maximum seven-year jail term.

Brennan is accused of supplying Leach with drugs to cause an abortion.

The magistrate said that in her police interview Leach had admitted to taking tablets alleged to have been supplied by Brennan and the next day she experienced what she believed to be a miscarriage.

Ms Pearson also said there was sufficient evidence for Brennan to face trial on a charge he had unlawfully provided a substances to procure a miscarriage.

Leach choked backed tears as the magistrate said she should face trial.

But asked if she had anything to say, Leach said “no”.

As the magistrate adjourned the court the couple stood up, held hands and gave each other a kiss.

Leach and Brennan will face a District Court trial at a date to be fixed.


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