‘Unbelievable’ ping pong throwing!

This video is called Unbleievable, and it’s on YouTube through the work of one Islem Tbini. Enjoy! (But how long did it take them to get it right???)



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2 responses to “‘Unbelievable’ ping pong throwing!

  1. Karen

    All secondary school Physics teachers need to show this ping pong clip at the beginning of every year, to counteract those typical comments from students…”Why do we have to do THIS stuff? What’s the POINTof this, sir? When are we EVER going to need this?” etc. All questions have answered fully by this team of creative (???) young men – except one from me, which is “Where are all the young girls who are equally fascinated by angles and trajectories?”

  2. Good question! Maybe it’s shades of the Big Bang Theory teevee show!?

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