12 Days

I’m on holidays at the moment, beginning with a few days by the beach between Christmas and New Year. Lovely!

Yesterday, we were having afternoon tea with friends when the topic if the twelve days of Christmas came up. One of their children, a delightful young woman, realised from what we were saying that the twelve days came after Christmas, and not before as she had always thought.

It seems to suit commercial interests to have them before, as they can then be linked to something called ‘shopping days’. But Christmas is a season, and it’s only just begun.

When Shakespeare wrote ‘Twelfth Night’ everyone knew when that was; in these days of the loss of stories, it could be anytime.

This may be a small issue in view of issues like climate change. But it seems to me that now ‘commercial realities’ seem to have become the story we live by, they become a powerful impediment to just action.

The story is of a God who is one with us—to save the whole creation, not squander it.

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One response to “12 Days

  1. Richard Harris

    Hi Paul,

    Happy Christmas to you and all the family. Hope you enjoy the break. We will take off for a week in the new year. Say hi to Karen.
    I hear the effects of this squandering when you hear the grown ups say ” oh Christmas is for the kids”. we are not connected to any thing bigger than giving presents. There is no sence of awesome or wonder about God that is for the kids.
    Oh sad and empty grown ups we become. So Succesful, so empty, not even Christmas presents seem to be providing the grown ups with much consolation. “it is just another day’ one of the very grown up ones said the other day.

    Imagine if the truth got out, Presents don’t make Christmas a heart felt exspierence. My goodness I am in retail. Paul you must destroy this message 15 seconds after reading.
    Looking farward to seeing you in 2010.
    (When did we change from merry to happy? Does God still get a Capital G in the grown up world?).


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