Friday fragments — 05.02.10

Interfaith relations

“We try to be a positive voice in this collective scream of anguish”: the story of Deir Mar Mousa, a monastery in Syria.

How does your mind work?

Are you a hedgehog or a fox? A half-convinced Stephen Wang asks the question.

How Jewish was Jesus?

In the aftermath of a Jewish boy’s treatment for wearing tefillin (phylacteries) to pray on a plane, Bosco Peters asks this question.

And following the recent Revised Common Lectionary reading of Luke 4, Mark Sayers reminds us that Jesus would have read the bible a little differently from the way we are used to. Fascinating.

Spicks ‘n’ Specks

A great show on ABC TV is back again. YAY! This video has Dave Faulkner on guitar and Noriko Tadano on the traditional Japanese Shamisen performing ‘Johnny Be Good’. What other program would do this?


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