Ash Wednesday liturgical introduction

Like a number of other churches, our Ash Wednesday service begins with opening words introducing the day. And they could be interpreted to add up to ‘this is what the Church of Jesus Christ has always done’ (even though we Reformed types haven’t!!).

I’ve been thinking about putting some more scriptural words in there, but over at Episcopal Cafe Christopher Webber has a helpful article with some words that I’ll be using. (Why reinvent the wheel?)

God and have a look if you’re looking for a more scripturally-based introduction.

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  1. My parish makes a Lenten Devotional boelkot every year. 40 parishioners each take a day of Lenten readings and writes an essay which is put into a boelkot form for all to read. I enjoy writing this, and my husband suggested I do so on a daily basis as I read the lectionary anyway. We set up a Google blog. Then the Rector said how great it would be to have a *yearly* devotional. I thought can I do this for a year? Well, I’ve gone through John, Luke, Mark and now we’re in the midst of Matthew (I tend to focus on the gospel readings). I’m not sure if I’ll keep going after Matthew but what do I do with the people, all unknown to me, who have become subscribers and are presumably getting something out of it? I’m thinking I will continue, and hopefully what I do will be better informed by the previous thinking. Perhaps not so strangely, I doubt that my subscribers are fellow parishioners Many subscribe via email and I don’t recognize any of the addresses.

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