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The universe of Genesis 1—a cure for creationism

I am very grateful for a bible study I attended at the House of Freedom Christian Community in West End, Brisbane over thirty years ago. It was led by Han Spykerboer, who a few years later became my Old Testament professor.

Han took a piece of chalk and a blackboard (remember them?) and took us through the narrative of Genesis 1, showing us that the universe of Genesis 1 was nothing like the universe we know today. Therefore, it couldn’t be a scientific account of how the universe and life itself came into being. Indeed, it wasn’t intended to be that kind of story, but pointed to God’s lordship over all created things, and God’s lordship over the gods of Babylon.

The universe Han built up was this one:

Look at the universe depicted here, and compare it with the story of Genesis 1 and the Flood. The Bible teaches that God is the origin of all things, but it doesn’t require belief in creationism.

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