‘An atheism you can believe in’?

Ben Myers (of the Faith and Theology blog) has written a very good article on atheism’s role in Christian thinking. It is for Questions of Faith, a blog that Radio National has established to follow the Global Atheist Convention which is starting in Melbourne soon.

In it, it seems to me that he is he speaking about the humility required to discuss ultimate issues — whether one is speaking from a position of faith or unfaith. Often, the picture of God that both sides bring to the discussion is a projection of human fantasies. We need to be delivered from our attachments to this false god, so that we can catch glimpses of the true.

While you’re there, why not subscribe to the RSS feed? It’s a discussion that the followers of Jesus need to be aware of.


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4 responses to “‘An atheism you can believe in’?

  1. There needs to be more apophatic theology.

  2. Agreed. I also wonder if an apophatic atheism is possible—and what it would look like if it were?

  3. John

    Hi, I am from Melbourne.

    What if all of the humanly created “gods” are false?

    And what if all of what is usually called religion, and so called “theology” has nothing whatsoever to do with Real God?

    Please check out these related references.

    1. http://www.adidam.org/teaching/aletheon/truth-religion.aspx

    2. http://www.dabase.org/Divhscrt.htm

    3 http://www.dabase.org/dht7.htm

    4. http://www.dabase.org/noface.htm

    5. http://www.dabase.org/christian.htm

  4. John, thank you for your contribution. ‘What if’, indeed?

    As a minister of the Uniting Church in Australia, I can’t and won’t deny that I am a member of a conventional religion. However, within that Church I try to follow Jesus and the God he revealed and embodied, with the aid of his Spirit.

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