Advent fail.

The Porsche Design Group and Harrods have combined to produce an Advent calendar. A $1,000,000 Advent Calendar. The ‘Jesus’ referred to below bears no resemblance to any other Jesus, living or dead.

If you have decided to impress that Millionaire boss of yours or a Christian acquaintance and convert that long on-hold agreement into a final deal then here is ready bait for them. We can sense the Jesus fragrance around us already and post 5-days from now i.e.  28 November officially marks the beginning of Advent this year.

It looks like it was designed by Dr Who:


This is a hint NOT to buy me one.


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  2. Fluttering in the breezeContent and freeMy wings soar iidifnneteThe colours I wear with a smileNavigate my wayAs I journey in lifeWhere I goI’m positive and have faithMay I land where my soul guides meEmbrace it I shallLove and HarmonyPeace and Well BeingButterfly Calling Christ LOVE Carola

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