On the Third Day of Christmas…

…my true love didn’t give me three French hens—not to worry, birds are messy anyway!

Instead, we had two wonderful friends over, Sue and Henry. We shared lunch, had something nice to drink and whiled away the afternoon with pleasant conversation (and a bit more food and drink…!).

We’re having a WET summer here in Queensland, and here is the view from our house during part of the afternoon (see the drops falling from the gutters…better get to them soon):

At one stage the wind really got up—you can see the trees bending with it:

The rain settled later, so we went for an early evening stroll by the river. Here is the path down to the rowing club’s jetty:

Eventually, the sun set:

When we got back, there was a tawny frogmouth in our neighbour’s garden. We’re quite lucky here; we see frogmouths regularly:

Here’s looking at you, kid!

All in all, a fab day, fab friends and a fab way to chill after three days of services. Thanks, Sue, for the photos!


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