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‘Just believing’ is not enough—Sunday 22, Year B (9 September 2012)

James 2.1-17
Mark 7.24-37

Scotland is a lovely country. I was visiting there about fifteen years ago, and I went on the West Highland railway line to a town called Oban, where some of my ancestors came from. From there I boarded a ferry and eventually spent a brief 24 hours on the tiny island of Iona. That’s the spiritual home of the Iona Community, whose songs we often sing. Iona is a stunningly beautiful place. I loved walking around, seeing where the ancient kings of Scotland were buried, walking through the Abbey with its altar of green marble, a rock which is found only there. It was June (remember, that’s summer over there!) and even the weather was absolutely glorious—well, it did rain a little bit; but after all, it is Scotland.

When twilight was falling, I went to the Abbey chapel for evening prayer. I was looking forward a quiet prayerful service in this medieval chapel, the perfect end to a perfect day.

I took my seat in the dimly-lit church. Not long now.

I waited (the service seemed to be a bit late starting). 

So I took the opportunity to pray. As you do.

I started to feel quite peaceful. Just waiting. Continue reading

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