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Amish Vampires in Space

I have been using this blog for sermons almost exclusively for some time, though I used to do more with it. I seem to have gravitated to Facebook. On fb, I posted a review of a very strange novel called Amish Vampires in Space. I didn’t know whether to read it at first; perhaps I was unwise, as it’s a few hours of my life spent to no useful purpose other than to be a warning to others. Here’s the review:

I’ve just finished reading Amish Vampires in Space on kindle. When I (so to speak) turned the last page, I saw the words ‘THERE’S MORE WHERE THIS CAME FROM’. I shall heed this warning.

The ‘more’ refers to the output of a publishing house specialising in Christian sci-fi and fantasy. Who knew? I have also learnt of a further genre: ‘Boots and Buggies’, Christian romance in an Amish setting. Again, who knew…

This novel (and it was novel to me!) is a mashup of all these, with some mild horror thrown in—though not enough to scare the horses, who became vampires too.

It seems to be reasonably accurate in its portrayal of Amish ways, one thing to be thankful for. Though I doubt real futuristic Amish would really get into spaceships flown by ‘Englishers’. Of course, being an example of American Christian fiction, there is a non-Amish ‘normal’ Christian character. ‘Normal’ in this context meaning a US-style evangelical. Of course.

The story behind the book is more interesting, involving a joke title that was taken on for real, but the sassiness of the title doesn’t follow through in the story. Neither does the promise of the cover, which looks like a demented Ellen Degeneres in Amish clothes, dripping with blood. A fascinating premise that sadly goes nowhere in particular.

But if characters having a conversation about grace vs works while running down the length of a spaceship which is infested with vampires interests you, then go ahead. Read. Or not.

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