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Remaking the world (Advent 3B, 14 December 2014)

Isaiah 61.1–4, 8–11

Earlier this month, I was in Adelaide at a two-day colloquium that was exploring the way our theological colleges across the Uniting Church teach liturgy and worship. I hope and believe that some very good things will come out of it. While I was there, I was thinking about what we do in worship, and about what the significance of our liturgy is.

Gathering together for worship seems like a simple thing to do. Yet we are doing something very significant every Sunday, week by week, as we come together to worship God as the Church. And that significant thing is this: we are sharing with God in remaking the world.

Does that sound a bit grandiose, a bit self-important? How can l’l ol’ us be remaking the world? Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Good News (Advent 2B, 7 December 2014)

Mark 1.1–8

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

That’s how the Gospel According to Mark starts.

Today, I want to look for a while at ‘good news’.

What’s good news? What’s bad news?

G and J were married yesterday in a wonderful service at St Andrews. I think we can agree that this is good news.

B died peacefully in her sleep on Friday. I think we can agree that this is not good news.

It’s news that saddens us. B was an exemplary Christian woman, one whom I had greatly admired for almost twenty years. She’d hate me saying that; but it’s part of why I feel sad right now.

So, it’s sad news that B has died. I certainly can’t say it’s good news. But there remains that wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Continue reading

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