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Christ in you (Epiphany 2, Year B, 18 January 2015)

1 Samuel 3.1–10
1 Corinthians 6.12–20
John 1.43–51

I want ask a question today, a simple question: where do we need to be to listen to God? (Short answer: In the house of God.)

We are commissioning Katie today for her role  as coordinator of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Project in Mwandi, Zambia.

I think I can safely say that she hasn’t determined to go there so much by screwing up her eyes and trying hard to believe she can do it as by listening for that ‘still, small voice’, which speaks so calmly, gently, tenderly, persistently, and insistently. That Voice that just doesn’t give up.

But where do we hear that voice? We need to be in the house of God to hear it.

We talked about the voice of God last week. According to Mark, Jesus hears God say,

You are my Son, the Beloved. With you I am well pleased.

We talked about how we miss out on hearing that Voice, because—

Our own inner voices, perhaps accusing voices, drown it out. The sounds of politicians and advertisements and newspaper publishers drown it out.

We need to be in the house of God to hear it. We miss it because we are not ‘in’ when it calls.

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God calls (Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, 15 January 2012)

God calls


1 Samuel 3.1-10
John 1.43-51

Mark Twain was the nineteenth-century American author of books like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Someone once asked him, ‘Mr. Twain, do you believe in infant baptism?’ He replied, ‘Do I believe in it? Hell, I’ve seen it!’

In Mark Twain’s day, there were those who wondered whether baptism should be reserved for those old enough to answer for themselves. A lot of people these days have doubts about the rightness of baptising infants too.

I want to talk a bit about baptising babies, and then I want us to recall that God called Samuel when he was just a child.

We baptised CJ this morning, and he didn’t make his own promises. M and A answered for him. Next month, we’ll baptise L and T’s son, and D and A’s daughters. Did we do the right thing with CJ? Will we do the right thing next month? Should we listen to those who say, Wait for them to make up their own minds?

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