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Being who we truly are in Christ (Epiphany 2, Year A — 19 January 2014)

John 1.29–42

I have a friend, a retired minister of the Church of Scotland, who lives in Edinburgh. So while our son was in Edinburgh recently for Hogmanay, my friend welcomed him and helped him to settle in. I keep in touch irregularly with this friend; some years ago, on 30 November, I called him by phone. For those who don’t recall, 30 November is St Andrew’s Day, and Andrew is very much the patron saint of Scotland.

I rang on St Andrew’s Day partly just to hear my friend’s voice, and partly because I’d realised one of the Church of Scotland’s official prayer resources had prayers for other saints’ days but no prayer for St Andrew’s Day. I asked him why the Church of Scotland (of all churches!) had no prayer for St Andrew’s Day? And why on earth did it have a prayer for Peter but not Andrew? He replied in his delightful Edinburgh brogue, “Och, he’s just the little brother.”

Poor Andrew, he’s only Simon Peter’s little brother—living in Peter’s shade and second in line.

And that’s basically the way the New Testament tells it.  Continue reading

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