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Friday fragments—22.01.10

Euthanasia, Antitheism, Homodoxy, Multitasking and killing in Jesus’ name

A thought-provoking series of cartoons from ASBO Jesus on euthanasia.

Bosco Peters gives a helpful word on the difference between atheism and ‘antitheism’. It fits my experience.

It’s Bosco’s week to draw helpful distinctions. He also compares true orthodoxy, which allows for diversity, with ‘homodoxy’, which desires uniformity of opinion. Being homodox doesn’t make you orthodox.

For ages, I’ve been told I can’t multitask because my second X chromosome is a Y. But multitasking is inefficient and dangerous. Yes, walking and chewing gum is bad for you.

The US military have been using rifles stamped with Bible verses in the Middle East. Could it get much worse? It’s crusading! Update: The firm involved has said it will stop the practice.

‘Shit happens’—a reminder that the ‘god’ of the philosophers is not the God of Christian faith…

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