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Kate Rusby: The Elfin Knight

The lovely Kate Rusby is my favourite folk singer, singing as she does with her South Yorkshire twang. The Elfin Knight is a great showpiece for her voice… I’ve tried to embed the code, but it doesn’t seem to be working, so go to YouTube to listen:


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The Wild Goose—Kate Rusby

Some more from Kate Rusby—this time, The Wild Goose, which is normally sung a little more raucously than the lovely version Kate has here…

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My Young Man—Kate Rusby

It’s a few days after Anzac Day. Without taking anything away from those who suffered and died in wartime—on any side—let’s also remember some ‘ordinary heroes’, like those who lost their health or even their lives in mines for you and me.

My Young Man is sung (beautifully of course) by Kate Rusby to a YouTube video, a stunning collage of pictures evoking the lives and sacrifices of miners. Here, it’s Yorkshire miners, but let them stand for all:

My young man wears a frown
With his eyes all closed and his head bowed down,
My young man never sleeps.
The rain it falls upon his back
The dust before his eyes is black,
Oft the times, oft the times my young man weeps.

My young man wears a coat,
Once, long ago, a bonnie coat
Which my young man wore with pride.
Now I dress the coat all on his back,
For love for him I will not lack,
But to see it now, that collier’s coat, I can’t abide.

My young man, where’s he gone?
Once in his eyes my whole world shone
Now my young man he looks away.
Man and wife we used to be
Now he’s like a child upon my knee
And in my arms I help my young man through the day.

A young girl no more am I
But I shall not weep and I will not cry,
For my young man needs me still.
If someone’s watching up above
You’ll see how much my dear I love,
So leave him here, I need him now and always will.
Oh if someone’s watching up above
You’ll see how much my dear I love,
And If he must go, let your best angels keep him well


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The Yorkshire Couple—Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby is far and away my favourite folkie. It helps that she has a wonderful voice, and that she’s from South Yorkshire and sounds like it (just like me mam!—it takes me back to my childhood). Oh, and it helps that she’s drop dead gorgeous too! 


I think I’ll be putting up more of Kate.

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