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Oz election, Taiwan style

Amazing Taiwanese take on the Australian election today. Spot on!!

It is ironic that the video credits Rudd’s failure to implement the emission trading scheme as one reason for his plummeting popularity. But it’s highly unlikely we’ll get one out of this election…

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‘Sorry’ a chance for healing and justice

Let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. (Amos 5.24)

Today, Kevin Rudd has apologised on behalf of the parliament to the Stolen Generations. This apology was ‘strongly supported’ by the Opposition. It’s a great moment for this country; it was moving to see the numbers of Indigenous people in the galleries of the chamber as well as gathered around the Parliament building.

The biblical commitment to justice is not fulfilled by a five-letter word. Those who say that ‘sorry’ is not enough are dead right. The nation now has the harder task of doing justice. So it’s good that there’s an explicit commitment to reparation, too—starting with pre-school opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. I’m sure the Government will be held to account on this one.

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