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Friday fragments—12.02.10


In our series on spiritual practices, we’re looking at prayer this week. Here are a few links:

Everyday Prayer (http://www.lca.org.au/worship/devotional_resources.cfm)
From the Lutheran Church of Australia

A Short Guide for Daily Prayer (http://assembly.uca.org.au/worship/resources/9-prayers/24-dailyprayer.html)
From the UCA Assembly

Church Resources: click ‘Quiet Space’ or subscribe to daily email. An Australian Catholic resource, but there is nothing sectarian here

Sacred Space: Another Catholic-yet-not-really resource; more meditative

Pray as you go: Yet another Catholic-yet-not-really resource! An mp3 resource, also podcast. Could be used in the bus or car

ReJesus: A not-Catholic resource, which uses flash

Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre: A good selection of links to some of these and more


Quantum physics, wavy cows and us

The ‘strange facts’ of our universe and their religious implications.


Let’s not forget our Pacific neighbours

Tuvalu faces rising sea levels and drought.


Great news! The G7 to cancel Haiti’s debts.

Read it at Sojourners.


And finally… Who was St Valentine?

Read Journey Online to find out.

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