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Friday fragments—29.01.10

Vindaloo against Violence

Melbourne has been the scene of violence (sometimes fatal) against Indian people in recent times; it seems that some of these attacks have been racially motivated. Understandably, the Indian community and the Indian nation are very concerned indeed. Mia Northrop has suggested Vindaloo against Violence as a way to show support to the Indian community; simply eat at your local Indian restaurant. It is now spreading to other Australian cities and to other parts of the world. Sounds like a great reason to get a group together!

It’s good to read Peter Cosgrove’s Australia Day address in conjunction with this story. He speaks of the ‘sunshine and shade’ of this nation.


Haiti continues to suffer; Collin Hansen looks at the question of theodicy. And have a read of what Debra Dean Murphy says about the suffering God.

Episcopal Cafe outlines the three ‘Rs’ of disasters: Rescue, Recovery, Relief. Very helpful.

I am in awe of the ethic of sharing that exists among the hungry of Haiti.

The scale of the disaster in in Haiti has been due to crippling levels of debt which have inhibited the infrastructure of that country. The World Council of Churches is calling for the debt to be cancelled.

The Colbert Report

I for one am very happy that The Colbert Report has come to ABC 2. If you don’t know anything about Stephen Colbert, have a look here at his best Apple moments, in the light of the iPad release.

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